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PAAB Advisories and Guidance

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Extension Request Form

Dear PAAB Clients,

Please take note of this important advisory about approval extensions.

Section 8.4.iii of the PAAB code states:
Under special circumstances, e.g. adjustment to a new 12 month advertising schedule or a delay in production of new material, the Commissioner may extend the PAAB clearance beyond the 12-month period. Extensions at no fee charge shall be restricted to no longer than two (2) consecutive months. Longer extensions shall be subject to the full fee applicable to the particular type of advertisement.

The new PAAB code was implemented on July 1, 2013. During the transition period which followed, the PAAB has been providing, on a case by case basis, extensions beyond the 2 month period to accommodate clients as they transition to the new code. As you know, we are nearing the end of the 1 year transition period. Therefore, effective immediately, extensions at no fee charge shall be restricted to no longer than two (2) consecutive months per PAAB code section 8.4.iii. Note that extensions are only provided under special circumstances.

All extension requests can be emailed to with a completed Extension Request Form for each product; see attached. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the PAAB office.

Ray Chepesiuk

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