I’ve submitted to PAAB a few times and I’m familiar with the code.

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I am new to PAAB?

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I consider myself a seasoned vet.

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Current Career Opportunities

Currently, there are no open career opportunities at this time. Thank You.

Job Descriptions

Administration Assistant / Submissions Coordinator

Reports to: Manager, Finance and Administration

Job Purpose: To ensure control of submissions processing and to perform administrative duties related to the goals and objectives of the PAAB.


Reports to: Chief Review Officer

Job Purpose: review assigned pharmaceutical advertising to ensure PAAB code compliance and to meet PAAB client service guidelines; propose revisions to the Code, policies and/or operations

Chief Review Officer

Reports to: Commissioner

Job Purpose: Responsible and accountable to the Commissioner for the overall review of pharmaceutical advertising to ensure PAAB code compliance and reviewer consistency and efficiency among all submissions; reviewer training code interpretation

Manager, Finance and Administration

Reports to: Commissioner

Job Purpose: To ensure effective and efficient administration of the PAAB office; ensure proper Accounting/Bookkeeping; supervise administrative staff; ensure proper maintenance of office facilities with health and safety regulations; maintain office computer systems; assist in the development of Human Resource policy


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