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How to Register

In an effort to constantly serve our clients better, PAAB has unveiled a new electronic submission process(eFiles). Effective January 2, 2008 all submissions will have to be submitted via the eFiles system. Please have a Senior Official (Director level) send an email to the administration team at with the contact information of the person(s) who will be designated as administrator(s) for your company. Click on eFiles, on the menu, then eFiles Tutorial for a tutorial on how eFiles works.


When registering a company and user:

  • A senior employee of the company must email to Include:
    • Contacts full name
    • Legal company name
    • Mailing address
    • Phone number
    • Fax
    • Users email address
  • Administrators will complete the set up and email the individual users with a temporarypassword. Your email address is your login.
  • New users to the eFiles system should promptly access the system using the temporary password and their login, and then proceed to the Account Settings link to change the temporary password to one of their choosing”


eFile Tutorial


Please contact the admin team at PAAB if you need assistance with eFiles

The Innovative Manufacturers eFiles Access System

The PAAB has developed an eFiles innovation to help manufacturers directly access their PAAB submissions files. We call it the Manufacturers eFiles Access System. It is available at no cost to PAAB manufacturer clients.

Manufacturers will be able to access, in confidence, their own eFiles sent through their agencies and also view data widgets and reports related to their own activity at the PAAB. This includes, number of revisions, turnaround to first review and total time file is at PAAB and at the company. They will also be able to view PAAB letters that were sent to their agencies. There is an opportunity to see how their company compares to the industry average in several categories.

Each manufacturer will have to designate a senior official, director or above, to approve their registration at the PAAB through a secure access server. Please pass on this information to your association members. They should contact Laurie Johns at 905-509-2275 x123 to register and get their access information.

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