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Review Fees

Effective for material submitted after January 1 2009

  English or French English and French
All APS including DTC reviews $390.00 $450.00
a) additional APS within series with slight variations, submitted same day:

$140.00 $190.00

a) Written Opinion to Help Distinguish Between Advertising and Information (unless requested by PAAB) b) Training meetings (plus travel expenses): c) Meetings at the PAAB regarding: advertising concepts, advertising review files, distinguishing advertising versus information, pre-launch meetings, etc.

Extended review fee  Additional
Chargeable for all reviews and advisories when: i) APS is more than 10 pages or more than 15 references ii) three or more resubmissions are required  $210.00$150.00

Fees are invoiced after the first review letter has been sent. Fees are for the cost of the review and not for the acceptance of the APS. Once a piece has an approval number, we consider the approval process to have been completed for the fee that was assessed. Any revisions after that will be treated as a new submission with a new file number and billed a full fee. A review of prescribing information at launch or when revised will be billed an "All APS" fee.

All APS review files which have not received any response for over 180-days will be closed and any revisions following the 180-day period will be assigned a new file number and subject to a new fee.

All APS review files that are not completed within a period of twelve months will be assigned a new file number and subject to a new fee.

Once an acceptance number is issued, the file is considered completed and further revisions to the APS would require a new file number and subject to a new fee.

Invoices are payable within 30 days; advertisers with outstanding balances may be required to clear their accounts before new reviews can begin. Our BN is 104174743.

Questions about fees should be directed to the PAAB office: 300-1305 Pickering Parkway, ON L1V 3P2. Tel: (905) 509-2275: Fax 905-509-2486

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